Chapter 4: Of Faith and Leadership

On the road, Joad meets a preacher he knows, actually an ex-preacher. Steinbeck’s eye for detail makes it easy to visualize the encounter and the characters, and the simple things that people really do in life. What I find interesting (and intriguing) is that the preacher presents himself as a man of God who got the call to lead the people, but no place to lead them. What a concept! He took on the road to find answers to the crisis he is going through. Joad’s reply is to lead people around and around. He adds “What the hell you want to lead them someplace for? Just lead them.”

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  1. In addition to not having anywhere to lead his followers, I think he was disillusioned with his own personal failings. By that I mean all of the women he apparently seduced which most likely would not have been possible if it were not for his position as a man of the cloth. Time and time again we hear of scandals involving preachers. People hold them in such high esteem and then are surprised when they discover their human failings.

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