Chapter 5: They Came to Claim the Land

What happened that these families had to endure such harsh conditions and be confronted to such extremes?

The tenant farmers and their families are told to go and the tractor tearing down a farm does not leave a doubt about the seriousness of the request. The people are farmers who live with the understanding of natural weather cycles, after all droughts are nothing new in the Great Plains. However, this time the drought had taken a catastrophic dimension and nobody was prepared for it. They have to go.

The Report of the Great Plains Drought Area Committee was written in August 27, 1936, for President Franklin Roosevelt. It describes the impact of the Dust Bowl and introduced sustainable land and water use practices.

As of today the states that were part of the historic Dust Bowl are experiencing severe droughts again (Oklahoma Department of Libraries website).

If there are circumstances in life that are out of our control, using resources and  natural resources within sustainable limits seems to be something we can ponder, from reorganizing living conditions, looking for and applying sustainability best practices and even adjusting our individual lifestyles.

What about sustainability being everyone’s responsibility? I am thinking about the banking industry, as they created hell in the finance world, not for themselves, but for the unfortunate people who are paying the price now for their unsustainable banking practices.

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