Chapter 6: From Hunter to Hunted

Joad thinks he is doing no wrong by sitting next to the house where he lived with his parents for so long. Most families described in the first chapters of the book seem to have developed an attachment to the land: they were born on the land, they grew up on the land, and they suffered with the land. They almost felt that this was giving them rights over the land, somehow. Because of his family’s status as tenants and the eviction, he is now trespassing and therefore acting against the law. And he is coming to the realization that they crossed that line from being hunters to now be hunted, and that they should now run and hide…. and go somewhere else.

This is the beginning of their long journey.

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  1. Chapter 7
    Selling used cars is big business right now. Everyone wants to go to California and each family needs a vehicle to take them there. Let the customer take up your time and they will feel obliged to buy something from you but don’t spend time on those that are just lookers. The owner talks about wishing he had a thousand jalopies to sell and that he could sell them all. Everyone’s going to California.

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