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A lot has been said about the Grapes of Wrath by scholars, writers and critics. In 1994, Gale Research published a book for young adults. I would like to share some excerpts from the book:

Joseph Warren Beach made two warnings about the American economy: “that our system of production and finance involves innumerable instances of cruel hardship and injustice; that it needs constant adjustment and control by people in authority.”

Alfred Kazin noted that this comment is balanced by Steinbeck’s “refreshing belief in human fellowship and courage.” Beach adds that The Grapes of Wrath marked Steinbeck as “one who feels strongly on the subject of man’s essential dignity of spirit and his unexhausted possibilities for modification and improvement.” (Gale Research, 1994).

 On a personal note, I enjoyed reading a great book and a great author and I hope you did too.

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John Steinbeck in Jack Kerouac Alley

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