Chapter 30

The rain keeps falling down and Rose of Sharon is down with a cold, feverish.

 Al and Aggie want to be on their own and leave, but Pa ask them to stay around until they settle themselves. Who is going to take care of the truck if they go?

 As Rose of Sharon goes into labor, the men frantically work with shovels to keep the water away from the camp. When the dike collapses, the men run and try to save the truck. Water is everywhere.

 Rose of Sharon delivers a stillborn child. Uncle John takes the baby in an apple box and sets the box in the stream, to be a witness of what migrants are enduring: “Go down an’ tell ’em. That’s the way you can talk. Go on down now, an’ lay in the street. Maybe they’ll know then”.

 Water now is creeping up, forcing them to move themselves and their things in a high pile. The next day, Ma decides to move and find a dry place. As Ma, Rose of Sharon, Ruthie, Winfield and Pa walk along the freeway, they find a barn. As a torrential rain falls on them, they finally get in the barn, and find a man and a boy there. The man has not eaten for six days, and he is starving and the son cries because his dad is starving to death.

Ma takes her daughter’s wet clothes off of her and folds a dry comfort around her. Then she looks at her daughter and they look deep into each other’s eyes.

 And Rose of Sharon smiles mysteriously as she lays down, bares her breast, supports the starving man’s head, and offers him her life saving milk.

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